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Matrix Relocations is a Green Company

It is in the Matrix DNA to exist as a sustainable company, causing minimal impact on the Planet from its activities. We know that such a policy comes at a greater economical price, but nothing to us is more important than leaving a better world for the generations after us. To achieve this, we take small and big steps.

★ we refuse unnecessary products and services in order to minimize the impact to the Planet
★ we reduce our consumption of energy, products and services as much as possible
★ we reuse every single resource we can
★ we recycle, as we believe in the circular, but not linear consumption.

We implement sustainability at every step of our existence and work. This is how we do it:

☀︎  our offices use 100% electricity from renewable sources*
☀︎  since 2016, we have a growing number of electric cars for our passenger fleet
☀︎  we run own set of electric charging stations, free for our personnel and visitors;
☀︎  we work exclusively with boxes made from recycled paper
☀︎  we have reduced the usage of paper – some 80% for the last 10 years
☀︎ our consultants use shared electric vehicles and public transport*
☀︎  since 2018 we have introduced electric passenger vans for the preview visits*
☀︎  our cargo fleet consist of the most efficient and less polluting vehicles – all with the standard EURO 6

Last, but not least. it was primarily with the efforts of our team and leadership the creation of the network of 2000+ air quality sensors at our end of the world – an endeavor of the citizen science. To learn more, please visit the following websites:
Wikipedia on the Sensor.Community project

While being our client, you might see our work from a different perspective and come up with ideas how we can make things better towards a sustainable Planet. Please reach out and let un know. We would love to hear from you.
* in our locations when available as a market proposition.

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    Last Tuesday, June 21st, (Happy summer solstice!) my goods finally arrived in Contoocook NH. It was almost four months to the day that Matrix movers packed up and carted off my belongings from Kalyvia, Thorikou to Piraeus to be crated and then shipped to the USA. Cutting and opening the…

    Deborah C.