Things to Throw Away Before Moving

throw away

It is always a good idea to throw away the long procrastinated items and eventually cut your moving expenses a bit. Additionally it will make your life easier when unpacking. You won’t have to waste as much time and you may be able to avoid renting a storage unit as well. So as you begin

fast and easy unpacking

Usually when a move happens, every step has a well-known deadline. You know when you will be packed, when you will be at your new home, and how long you will have your movers on your side. However when the last box is unloaded, it will be just you, your home and all those boxes.

moving while pregnant with Matrix Relocations

What is more stressful moving or being pregnant? If you are in a situation like this then you’ve got a challenge on your hands. That is why, we are here to give you some advice. With the right people around (husband, family, friends and movers), you can do the job without getting crazy. Here are


Moving can be a dangerous experience. It’s exhausting and combined with heavy lifting, sharp objects, and other similar factors, can lead to a serious injury if you’re not careful enough. This is especially true when you are considering a do-it-yourself move and have taken on the task of carrying heavy furniture without the help of professionals. Protecting

Homesickness is something we all felt when we wanted our familiar comfort zone, which we all have created in some way. It’s common during any sort of transition to feel this way. It can be so debilitating sometimes, right? Felling homesick after relocation, can present many forms of feelings – fear, anxiety, sadness and even anger.

Learn the Dos and Don'ts when moving somewhere else

When the time comes to move for the first time, it can be both equally exciting and overwhelming. Most probably you are already wondering how you are going to get everything done, not to mention with what you are going to start. Luckily, we at Matrix Relocations all have been there and we were able to

moving last minute tips

This is for all of us who leave everything for the last minute! Lets not lie about it, moving is a stressful process, especially if you start doing it last minute. Ideally, you should have a month or so to plan it, and a couple of weeks to actually do the move. However we people tend

removals from UK to Bulgaria

Removals from UK to Bulgaria – What you need to know! If you are currently living in the UK you are probably aware of the recent changes. The United Kingdom is currently in the process of leaving the European Union. On the one hand, this has created a lot of insecurity around what rights are

moving to germany

Moving to Germany – what you need to know! Do you love travelling? How about settling into another country? Most of us are travelling to new and exciting destinations just for a few days, but this is not enough to fully appreciate the beauty of the country. One of the most popular destination for relocation

living in Bulgaria

When you want to immigration to Bulgaria, there are some facts and circumstances that you need to consider if you want to be living in Bulgaria. Major cities There are three majors cities in Bulgaria, which you need to know. When living in Bulgaria there is a good chance that you will meet many Bulgarians,

Living in Bulgaria