Moving Services – What does it all mean?

What to expect when a company offers you their moving services.

With the always evolving and busy labour market, many individuals are relocating to new countries in search of a new adventures and opportunities.  Therefore this has a significant impact on the Moving industry as companies. They have to adapt to the expectations and needs on their customer and keep up with the market changes. So, what does the term ‘moving services’ actually mean and what should we expect from the moving companies?

The term ‘moving services’ refers to the process of one preparing, taking, transporting and delivering items from one place to the other. This can be either local or international move. That depends on the origin and destination locations. Let’s see how this unfolds!

Origin Services  – What does it mean and what does it include?

Simply put, the origin services are a sub service of the moving services. This term refers to the locations from which the transport starts. There are several options within this service:

  • Performing a survey to get an estimate for the volume that will be moved;
  • Based on the results and items in the shipment the Moving Coordinators will usually pick the safest and most efficient way to transport the good;
  • Picking the most convenient packing materials that will ensure items are packed in a way that will prevent damage to the goods;
  • Performing a professional packing job;
  • Putting together a detailed inventory list;
  • Bringing items into warehouse and preparing them for transit;
  • In some cases export customs clearance.

Transportation Services – What does this include?

This the the process of arranging the transport from point A to point B. The service includes:

  • Loading onto truck/ship/plane;
  • Transport to closes port, airport or warehouse.

Destination Services – What does this service include?

This is the part most people who relocate enjoy the most. It implies that their belongings have already arrived and there is only a few more days until they can be reunited with their favourite winter coats. The service includes:

  • import customs clearance;
  • transport to warehouse and preparation for delivery;
  • transport to final destination;
  • bringing into residence;
  • unpacking of item;
  • pick up of debris.

The moving services a company provides may vary depending on the location. There might be additional service options that they can offer you.

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