Our top 4 personal blogs – Expats living in Bulgaria

As a relocation company working with foreigners is one of the jobs we love the most. There is something about it. We love hearing how expats relocating in Bulgaria find peace and love. This  is probably what drives us so many years to do this and help them complete the transition. Today we at Matrix Relocations Bulgaria want to proudly share our top 4 personal blogs from expats that we like to read once in a while.

Every blog has a personality on its own, so lets find out more about them. We are so exited...

First on the list is our beloved Claire Ruston, also known as Auntie Bulgaria. Back in 2010, she and her partner bought a shabby pink house in the mountains of Stara Planina, which means “The old mountain”. Nowadays, Claire and Rob’s  “Mush Muli” house has become a masterpiece, and they never stop to amaze us with the photos they make, exploring the land and culture of Bulgaria.

Then it comes the time to share you the story of an American woman who married a Bulgarian. toBulgaria is blog of Risa Buzatova, which covered all kinds of topics. With what she stood out was her interest and knowledge in the Bulgarian culture and especially history. Covering many topics worth the read. You should definitely check it out!

The third blog we would like to mention is Old School Bulgaria. It follows the journey of an expat living in Bulgaria since 2013. To this date he continues to write his amazing blog. The name of the blog is dedicated to the purpose of re-building an abandoned school with his fellow friends who bought it. With more than 300,000 views already  it is worth the read.

Lastly, Bulgarian Stories is a great blog to follow. This blog follows the thoughts of an American Peace Corps volunteer named Bruce McDonald. He shares his eye-opening experiences with the many people he created relationships with.  Working back then as an English teacher he shares how the Bulgarian youth sees the world. Read his heartwarming stories and find out what the Bulgarian youth is striving towards.

There are many other stories of expats relocating in Bulgaria if you are willing to search for them. We covered our favourites, but will continue to write more about other interesting blogs. Just continue to follow our them!





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