Watch out for Pirate Bulgarian Moving Companies!

There are so many stories of frauds, made from Bulgarian moving companies, it is crazy. Many moving companies neither have been registered as a company nor are members of the Bulgarian Association for Moving

A common practice in Bulgaria

is a pirate company, which can have many different website with many different phone numbers. You may think that you are calling different organizations, but actually you are talking and receiving offers from the a same pirate company. Usually those Bulgarian moving companies do not have any transport licenses nor officially hired movers.

Frauds can be closer than you think. Be careful!

Pirate moving companies

may require that you deposit a certain amount of money, or pay inexplicable taxes. Frauds can go so far, that pirates take your money and they never show on your location for moving. Another situation can be when they take your belongings and the truck never shows up. Usually they ask for another prize that you need to eventually pay or you may never see your belongings again.

Many American and Europe authorities are investigating such cases of loaded and missing luggage. Here is a story, where a family loses its belongings when they book a removal company from Facebook.

For you to avoid such situations

please check if the selected moving company from you is registered in Bulgarian Ministry of Justice, section references and request their BULSTAT Number. There, check their balance sheets and see if they actually hire people. If you see that they DO NOT have social security numbers of around 3 to 4 people in their balance sheets (around 12000 BGN in a year) it is best to completely forget about the company.

This is a clear sign that the moving companies work random and unchecked movers.

For you to be completely sure about the Bulgarian moving companies you are considering, please check if the companies have their own moving trucks.  They should not be the middleman between the you and the carrier. Request their Bulgarian transport license here.

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