Moving to Germany

Moving to Germany – what you need to know!

Do you love travelling? How about settling into another country? Most of us are travelling to new and exciting destinations just for a few days, but this is not enough to fully appreciate the beauty of the country. One of the most popular destination for relocation is Germany. The population in this beautiful country has been steadily increasing since 1955 and recent statistics show that as of 2018 it population has risen to 82,352,458.  So, what makes this country so popular? Why is it that many of us are moving to Germany?

Here are some things that make moving to Germany a very tempting idea!

The life

Moving to this beautiful country is generally described as a great experience! People are friendly and approachable, and the life there is pretty peaceful. If you are moving with your family the atmosphere in the country is one of the most important things. Feeling accepted and relaxed in your new place of living will increase your quality of living.

The rules

Germany is known for its strict rules. If you have had the pleasure of queuing there you already know that people are very organised and rules apply to everything. This makes all administrative tasks easier to complete and the time you will save, you will be able to spend with your loved ones or doing what you love!

The worker’s rights

Whilst moving to Germany and finding a job can be challenging, there are some great perks once you become an employee there! The workers have rights, which they can exercise. In Germany every employee is valued and there are many organisation that protect their rights. If you complain about something, someone will definitely listen and issue an action plan to resolve the issue.

The education

The education in Germany is very thorough and unlike in the UK it is free! What more can you ask for if you are looking to move with your children. You can save your coin and invest it in something else. Some of the best universities in Germany are Thecnical University of Munchen, Ludwing Maximillians and many other.


If you have visited Germany before you ready know that their transport network is amazing! There is many places you can go with their public transport. Although it is a little bit more expensive it is still chapter than taking a taxi. A daily ticket costs approximately EUR 6.40 and you can buy it online.

So, have we convinced you? Would you move there?

If you decide to undertake a new adventure and move to Germany, let us give you a hand! Here at Matrix Relocations we can help you move anywhere in the world – just say the word and we’ll be there!

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