Tips on Moving – How To Move Safely?

Moving can be a dangerous experience. It’s exhausting and combined with heavy lifting, sharp objects, and other similar factors, can lead to a serious injury if you’re not careful enough. This is especially true when you are considering a do-it-yourself move and have taken on the task of carrying heavy furniture without the help of professionals. Protecting yourself during the move is just as important as protecting your belongings (as a matter of fact – it’s more important), which is why you shouldn’t start with anything before you get a good understanding of some basic moving tips about safety. Here are some of the biggiest tips that you can receive and you should always keep in mind.

Don’t overpack

We all know that you can fit those books in the medium sized box. Does that mean you should? Absolutely not! Every moving box is designed to hold a different amount of weight, which if exceeded can lead to strains or injuries on your back, your knees and you whole body. There is a rule that say you should not pack more than 20 kgs in a small box, 30 kgs in a medium box and 40 kgs in a large one. When it comes to the extra-large boxes, they should be used for items such as linens and comforters, clothes, cushions etc.

Wrap those knives and other sharp objects

Properly wrap up and secure sharp objects like knives and gardening supplies, since it can lead to painful cuts while you’re unpacking. Also it can result in they dangerously poking out of your packed boxes. Be sure to protect yourself from sharp edges by wrapping up them in packing paper and bubble wrap. You can be extra safe by rolling the wrapped item up in towels. Using a rubber band is an idea too.

Stretch before and throughout the day

Tight muscles and limbs make you exposed to injuries. Keep your body loose by stretching throughout the moving day and beforehand. Do it particularly in the morning before you get started and later in the day when you’re getting finished. If you have a problem area, like the shoulders for example, be sure to focus on the area so to prevent and relieve any stress or discomfort.

Clear the pathways

It’s helpful leaving yourself with clear pathways, since you wont worry about any obstacles. Tripping and falling is dangerous enough on its own, and when the surrounding area is filled with objects the danger multiplies. When making safety a priority, don’t created additional obstacles. There are plenty anyway, so make sure to maintain a clear pathway, both inside and outside.

Don’t lift more than you safely can

This is a move, not a weightlifting competition, who can lift more and move it faster. If something feels too heavy or even unmovable, ask for help instead of trying to do it on your own and injuring yourself for days to come. Know your body and its capabilities and listen to what your body is telling you. Don’t attempt to carry more than you can.

Use a dolly

A dolly can be your next R2-D2 from Star Wars. It can make your entire process of transporting your items a whole lot easier by taking the burden of carrying the heavy items. If you still don’t have your companion, you can rent one from a moving company.

Get enough sleep

When you feel exhausted, the chances of having an accident increase significantly, so you should get enough sleep for your upcoming move and throughout it. Having a temptation to stay up late to continue with the packing and unpacking will not do you any favors. It might actually end up harming you. Go to a reasonable time and just get up extra early. That way, your will have the energy to move efficiently, smart and safe.

Eat and stay hydrated

Once again somebody will suggest you to eat and stay hydrated. Since moving is considered one of our most stressful experiences in life, failure to do either of them can lead to early exhaustion, weakness and having a cloudy head. Consequently the risk of injuries and accidents increase. That is why take occasional breaks and eat nutritious, high energy snacks. Additionally drink water regularly, even if you are not feeling it.

Being healthy and staying safe during your move requires preparation. Follow the safety tips above to ensure that you’re doing everything you can to prevent accidents and injuries. Listen regularly your body, and you feel like you need some rest just do. Don’t burn yourself and additionally think about the others too! Keep the kids and animals occupied somewhere. If there is a possibility that someone can help you, don’t be shy to ask.

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