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Unpacking Fast and Easy – How to do it?

Usually when a move happens, every step has a well-known deadline. You know when you will be packed, when you will be at your new home, and how long you will have your movers on your side. However when the last box is unloaded, it will be just you, your home and all those boxes. In all cases you will sort out the essentials boxes even if you feel extremely tired, but there are always those boxes that stay unpacked for months to come. Either now hidden in the garage or out in the open, so you can get daily dose of shame every time you walk by them. Fortunately, Matrix Relocation is here to provide you with a few useful tips for taking some of the pain out of the unpacking process.

Before the move

Label boxes. Of course is easier to unpack when you have labeled your boxes and you know what goes where. Once we encountered a customer that had an comprehensive table with every single item that he had in each box. However you can always just label “living room” or “kitchen” on the boxes and sort them in the right place. Everything works fine if you at the end are not left with a big pile of boxes in your new living room.

Keep like items together. When you start packing everything into boxes, sometimes it may be tempting to just throw some without making much of it. But it happens to be that when you sort your belongings properly the unpacking feel way less tiring.

Keep the essentials separate. Get your gym bag and put all those items you need quick access to: chargers, towels, medications if you need any, toothbrushes and toothpaste and all those important documents.

During the move

When you label a box, don’t forget to actually use it. This is important, as sometimes it happens that when you are moving you just put the already labeled boxes in one big pile in font of the hallway. Short term is much quicker to simply drop the box off and head off to get another one. However it won’t do you any favors, as you will be again lifting the boxes are get tired way faster.

After a move

Fight the desire to procrastinate. Currently you are in the moving mentality and that’s the best time to finish the unpacking. Try tackling the tasks within the first weeks! The more you wait, the less desire you will have doing it further in time, as you will feel already comfortable in your new home.

Story or recycle the boxes as soon as they’re empty. You will be way more cheerful if you remove each box from your sight, after it gets unpacked. You will see visual progress right away and this will keep the morale up, not to be mentioned opening up space to get around. It is definitely a one more step to get the unpacking done, but it will compensate with you feeling better.

Reward yourself. Let’s be realistic. Unpacking isn’t something we would like to do for hours and days straight. That is why, try rewarding yourself when you are done with a task. You unpacked everything in your kitchen? Then go set the TV in the living room or open your laptop and watch a movie. Get some rest, eat something and continue with the a new task. That is how you will keep the momentum going-  by finding the balance.

Overall try to plan your unpacking with more detail and be kind to yourself. Soon you will be done with everything.


  • What Our Clients Say

    Last Tuesday, June 21st, (Happy summer solstice!) my goods finally arrived in Contoocook NH. It was almost four months to the day that Matrix movers packed up and carted off my belongings from Kalyvia, Thorikou to Piraeus to be crated and then shipped to the USA. Cutting and opening the…

    Deborah C.

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