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Sofia IS Initiative by Invest Sofia is Growing

Sofia IS, a joint initiative between Invest Sofia and Sofia-based companies, that aims at integrated services to potential investors, is expanding its network of partner companies. Since the start of the initiative in December last year, 14 companies have joined the network.

Sofia is the first of its kind city programme in Bulgaria for partnership between the local city administration and local companies operating in Sofia to provide a full scope of services to new investor inquiries. The initiative is under the coordination of Invest Sofia and comprises independent international consulting companies whose expertise covers all the necessary initial activities in exploring the business environment and investment opportunities in Sofia.

The initiative brings together international companies with expertise in business analysis; financial and legal consulting; labor market and human capital; office, commercial and industrial real estate; administrative support, coworking spaces and much more. Their experience so far forms a rich total portfolio of over 80 companies – local and international, from all sectors of the economy. Thus, the programme has the potential to offer free support in a wide range of services that cover every stage of setting up a business in Sofia.

The website of Sofia IS contains a detailed list of all services that investors can receive free of charge through the partner network of the initiative, including those delivered by the expert team of Invest Sofia. Short profiles and company presentations of all network partners have also been published, as well as infographics on the mission of the initiative and the services which investors in Sofia can request assistance for.

Invest Sofia would like to thank all the partner companies that are already part of Sofia IS. These are: Adecco Bulgaria, ARS Bulgaria, Avalant Bulgaria, Cushman & Wakefield Forton, Easy Consult, Entract 127, InfoGraffiti, Innovative Consulting Ltd., Matrix Relocations, Networking Premium Coworking, nPloy, PwC Bulgaria, RIR and HRS. The network is open to more Sofia-based companies that want to support investments in the city and are ready to share their expertise in investor inquiries.

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