The Five Stages of Packing

As you pack for a move, you’ll go through stages of organization, excitement, procrastination, overwhelmed and exhausted. Here are our five stages of packing for a move.

Stage One: Optimistic, Organized Super-Packer

This time around, you’re not sneaking into the back of a grocery store to scrounge for spare cardboard. You’re going to buy matching boxes—the kind that come in a full set and have a special spot for writing the contents. In fact, you’re also going to buy an economy-sized roll of packing tape. And a set of rainbow-colored Sharpies. And a bag of those packing peanuts that are made of cornstarch so you’ll always have a snack on hand.

With a few months to go until the big move and $300 in packing supplies waiting in the trunk of your car, it’s impossible to fail.

Stage Two: Moving to Garbage Bags…Organized Garbage Bags

Turns out you forgot to buy a few things, so you’ll need to make one more trip to the moving store. This time, though, you’re skipping right over the packing supplies and looking for industry-sized garbage bags. How is it possible for one family to have accumulated so much stuff over the years?

You also take a moment to grab some real snacks this time around. Those packing peanuts aren’t nearly as delicious as you thought they would be.

Stage Three: Brilliant Ideas

So, you were on Pinterest the other day—not procrastinating at all—and it turns out there’s a way to get cheap labor and have fun packing. Throw a moving party! It’s pretty easy to set up…all you have to do is make invitations and send them out to your friends and family members. In exchange for a barbeque (or pizza night) and free beer, all they have to do is show up and pitch in. You get the work done in half the time and enjoy yourselves in the process.

Of course, you’ll need to head to the craft store first, since all your invitation supplies are in one of the three boxes you managed to get packed on your own. It can’t hurt to get more snacks, too.

Stage Four: Party Clean Up & Crunch Time

It’s fortunate you have all those extra garbage bags, because your house is littered with empty bottles and pizza boxes—and did they really open up the box of clothes earmarked for donation and hold a fashion show?

Good thing there’s still a full week until it’s time for the move. That should give you plenty of time to clean up the mess from the moving party and finish packing the six rooms you have left. Besides, you still have that entire roll of economy-sized packing tape to use up.

Stage Five: Return of the Garbage Bags

It might not be the safest way to move your belongings, but it turns out you can use garbage bags for everything. Twist them around breakables and tape them about twenty times, and it’s almost like bubble wrap. Throw random items in and call it as good as a box. 

So what if you end up tossing one hundred identical black bags into the back of a truck amid the sound of breaking glass? You’re on your way! Moving day is finally here!

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