Moving Day Hacks

Move as painlessly as possible with these tricks!

Make moving day as seamless and effortless as possible with these handy life hacks. You’ve already done the bulk of the work by prepping your home and preparing for your long distance move – now’s the time to put on those finishing touches and enjoy the ride.

>  Keep snacks and bottled water handy. Moving day tends to be a lot busier than most people think it’s going to be, so plan your meals and snacks ahead of time. Boxed lunches, packs of snacks, and bottled water will all be needed, and it’s best if you put them all in disposable containers so there’s nothing additional to clean and pack before you go.

>  Pack a first day box. Moving vans do sometimes experience delays, so it may be a few hours (or even days) before all your stuff arrives. Pack a first day box that contains everything you’ll need to get settled in your new home. Not only should this include overnight things (and medication and toiletries), but you’ll also want to pack toilet paper, tissues, cleaning supplies, linens for sleeping, and a shower curtain.

>  Prevent lockouts with a rubber band. Loop a rubber band around both your indoor and outdoor doorknob (with an X over the lock) to prevent accidental lockouts. When there are lots of people coming and going, this keeps everyone focused on the task at hand.

>  Don’t hang the pictures yet. Instead of taking the time to hang all your artwork, lean pictures, posters, and other art on the floor against the wall where you want them to go. This way, you can visualize your space and place the furniture in appropriate places without putting unnecessary holes in your walls.

>  Set up recycling piles. You’re going to have lots of cardboard, plastic, crumpled paper, and other packing supplies to dispose of as you unpack. Designate an area where you can sort these items as you finish with them. This will save you from having to sort through them later.

>  Put towels down (for protection and for furniture). Have a box of towels handy to help you unpack. They can be used to protect your new floors from heavy traffic and can also be folded and placed under furniture legs. This will allow you to slide the furniture around easier and without damaging the floors. (Note: This only works for hardwood, tile, or linoleum floors.)

You should also plan for plenty of downtime. Moving is a stressful business, and you’ve been working hard for months to get here. Hack your way to a good day, order a pizza, and let the moving company handle the rest.

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