Why is there a Delivery Window Rather than a Date?

We know that you’d like to have a guaranteed date of arrival, the sooner the better. Unfortunately, delays happen, especially during the busy summer months.  And arranging shipments is not quite like those story problems you did in math class: A loaded moving truck leaves New York traveling at 70 miles an hour. When will it get to LA?

That’s because in the real world of road construction, detours and traffic jams, your truck could get slowed down numerous times as it makes its way across the country. And while weather delays aren’t as frequent in the summer as they are in the window, severe storms or flooding could be a problem. 

Last minute changes to schedules or problems with someone else’s move could affect your truck. And there are other factors, like communication errors, or even just the crew needing to get off the road for the night after a day of traffic delays. 

Additionally, providing you with one set date that can’t be met could make life more difficult for you. If you’ve arranged for the day off, taken the kids to a sitter, and had the dog boarded in anticipation of a truck that doesn’t arrive, you’d be (understandably) upset. 

For these reasons, we provide a generalized delivery window that factors in all of the things that could go wrong. Experience has told us that delays on the road are likely, and it is better customer service to account for them up front than hope there won’t be any. 

  • What Our Clients Say

    I got a chance to use the services Matrix Relocations provides and I just can say that professionalism and effectiveness are the first thing that comes to mind while describing their work. Absolutely satisfied and would recommend to anyone who’s having a moving matter and needs a professional’s helping hand!

    Dorijan Radosavljevic

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