What do I need to do on delivery day?

The day the movers arrive with your belongings is definitely easier than the day they moved you out. Your responsibilities are pretty limited. The movers will do all the heavy work, and if you’re organized, it should be less stressful.

First, you or a designee needs to be there to accept delivery and provide access to the dwelling and, if applicable, garages or sheds where the crew will be putting boxes. Direct the moving crew to the doors you’d like them to use and alert them to any specific instructions about placing boxes. As movers come in with pieces of furniture, someone will need to direct them to the proper room and tell them where items should go. If you can’t be there, you can give your stand-in a floor map for each room 

The most important thing you should do as you receive your household goods is check off items against an inventory sheet. If you have multiple people, it’s a good idea to station one person by the truck or at the entrance to your home so they can check of furniture as it comes off the truck. Be sure to take a box count and compare it to your inventory. As blankets and wrappings are removed from furniture, check their condition. Note any damage on your bill of lading and take pictures. If you see any discrepancies, note them on the inventory and on the bill of lading. 

Sign off on your delivery on the bill of lading. But before you sign, be sure that you’ve counted your boxes and received all your other items. Noting and missing items and condition issues on the bill of lading will be necessary documentation should you file a claim.

Pay upon receipt of goods. When your delivery date is confirmed by the driver, they should also tell you the final amount due. If you have a stand-in, providing them with a certified check is the best option.  

That’s it. The crew will do most of the work. All you need to do is provide access and direction, check that all your goods are delivered and in good condition, and pay.

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