What’s the Best Way to Pack Clothes?

No one enjoys moving, but for many people, the thought of packing up their wardrobe is particularly stress inducing. You’ve probably collected a lot of clothes over the years – many of which you may have forgotten about. So what do you do when it comes time to move it all into another home?

Get Clean

The first thing you need to do is make sure all your clothing is clean. Wash everything and let it dry thoroughly before you fold it or hang it up. Treat any stains you find. If you can’t get them out, either take them to a professional or donate the clothing to a good cause. Take everything to the dry cleaner that needs to be dry cleaned, especially if you know hasn’t been to the dry cleaner in ages.

Get Organized

Sort every item of clothing by season and family member. Start with clothing for the current season and keep those separate so they’re readily available during the moving process. Create a “moving week” box of clothing of every item you’ll wear during the week you move. Everything else can go in boxes in the back of the truck.

Out with the Old

One of the best parts of moving is getting rid of all the old stuff we never use any more. Our wardrobes are especially vulnerable to collecting junk as we buy things we like and tend to gravitate towards the new and forget about the old. If your wardrobe has gotten out of control over the years, now’s your chance to get rid of all the things you haven’t worn in ages. Be ruthless. If it doesn’t fit, is stained, hasn’t been worn in ages, or you just plain don’t like it, donate it to an organization like the Salvation Army, Goodwill or St Vincent de Paul.

Use Wardrobe Boxes

Wardrobe boxes are exactly what they sound like: tall boxes with a bar across the top for you to hang the clothes that need to be hung up. Simply take the clothes from your closet, hang in the box, and seal.

Leave Clothes in Drawers

You may be able to leave clothes in drawers. Your mover may be able to remove the drawers, put the dresser on the truck, then put the drawers back in. Not all moving crews do this, however, so talk to your agent. If this is a possibility for you, consider wrapping the tops of the drawers with heavy duty plastic wrap, to prevent a trail of socks or t-shirts from the room the dresser was in all the way out to the truck. 

What Not to Do

Do not pack clothes in garbage bags, because they tear easily (not to mention can be mistaken for trash). And we do not recommend using clothes to pad boxes or wrap dishes. Aside from making your clothes a wrinkled mess, it will make more work for you as you unpack.

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