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Talking about the moving companies in Bulgaria, which are corrupted.

As a moving company for more than 25 years now, Matrix knows stressful can moving be. A research has shown that moving home can be more stressful than an actual heartbreak (E.ON Research) That is why, when you need a full service moving company  in Bulgaria (removal company in Bulgaria) and expert solutions or just a

Removal companies in Bulgaria

Our Removal Services. Your Removal Company in Bulgaria.  There are many removal companies in Bulgaria. How do you know which one to trust? Which one will have a service that caters to all of your needs? This is a million dollar question. To be prepared for your move you need to do your research.  Which


Are you looking to move somewhere new? Perhaps start a new chapter in your life with your family? Here are a few notes on what to expect when moving! Planning for a move is similar to expecting your first child. We know this sounds strange. But let us explain! When you are expecting a child

Bulgarian moving companies

There are so many stories of frauds, made from Bulgarian moving companies, it is crazy. Many moving companies neither have been registered as a company nor are members of the Bulgarian Association for Moving A common practice in Bulgaria is a pirate company, which can have many different website with many different phone numbers. You

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As a relocation company working with foreigners is one of the jobs we love the most. There is something about it. We love hearing how expats relocating in Bulgaria find peace and love. This  is probably what drives us so many years to do this and help them complete the transition. Today we at Matrix


Freelancing? In Bulgaria?! In recent years freelancing has become one of the most popular ways to earn your livelihood. You may ask us why? In this article we will try and explain why many people have chosen Bulgaria as their tax residence and what are the perks of doing so. Why businesses are looking for

packing for a move

Packing for a move is not for everyone! It is a process that requires a lot of patience and knowledge on how to optimise space and pack correctly the items in the appropriate packing materials and manner. Here are a few things to consider when packing for a move! Making a list Before packing, make

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What to expect when a company offers you their moving services. With the always evolving and busy labour market, many individuals are relocating to new countries in search of a new adventures and opportunities.  Therefore this has a significant impact on the Moving industry as companies. They have to adapt to the expectations and needs

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Your questions answered – Relocation Service So today is the day that you аre relocating to a new country. Take a minute and imagine what an ideal relocation service looks like. In an ideal world relocating to new country would be a breeze. You will land, you will take a cab that will take you to

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There comes a time in the history of every organisation when it either grows larger or reduces in time. To keep up with these changes, many business have to move to bigger or smaller offices. The office move is a stressful process that requires a lot of precision, efficiency and good time keeping. Here is

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