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Moving to Bulgaria

Since 1990, Matrix Relocations has earned a superb reputation for expertise, in-depth local knowledge, affordability and flexibility in handling. Organizing all kinds of moves to Bulgaria. European member since 2007, Bulgaria also has its own special characteristics. As a country and we are expert in every aspect of them. This means that Matrix Relocations is best-qualified to move you into your new home or office in Bulgaria. Whether you would like us to handle every step of your move or even want to talk about doing part of it DIY. Matrix Relocations is your best choice for moving to Bulgaria.

Importing personal effects to Bulgaria

Bulgaria allows, largely in line with EU rules, the import of personal effects with customs exemption from people moving from a non-EU country. Requiring documentary proof of residence there for more than 12 months. Exemptions apply to personal effects and other items such as furnishing and possessions for personal use. Separate rules apply to provide limits on the amount of certain items. Such as cigarettes and other tobacco products, alcohol, perfumes, coffee and tea. Cash in excess of 10 000 euro must be declared when entering or leaving the EU.

Prohibitions and restrictions on imports

Prohibitions and restrictions may apply to items such as firearms, flammable goods, plant and meat products. Laws govern the banning of materials such as unlawful substances and impose restrictions on the import of medicines beyond those for personal use. Matrix Relocations’ consultants are able to advise you in detail on items that you will not be allowed to import into Bulgaria.

Moving your pets to Bulgaria

Pets such as cats and dogs are subject to several requirements regarding moving your pets to Bulgaria. The pet must have an ISO-standard microchip, vaccination record. Specific requirements based on the incidence of rabies in the country from which it is being moved. A certificate of good health from a vet. Procedures and rules vary according to whether your pet cat or dog is being accompanied by you or an authorised handler on arrival in Bulgaria. Obviously, the rules are much more detailed than these brief guidelines and Matrix Relocations can provide detailed information on moving your pet to Bulgaria.

Moving a motor vehicle to Bulgaria

Among the rules on moving your car or other motor vehicle into Bulgaria is customs exemption. Subject to the condition that you must have owned and used it in a third country for at least six months, and official documentary proof of this is required. Details of duties and taxes applicable when a vehicle coming into Bulgaria is subject to customs fees are available from your Matrix Relocations consultant.

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    Last Tuesday, June 21st, (Happy summer solstice!) my goods finally arrived in Contoocook NH. It was almost four months to the day that Matrix movers packed up and carted off my belongings from Kalyvia, Thorikou to Piraeus to be crated and then shipped to the USA. Cutting and opening the…

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