General Info About Greece

Greece is situated in the Southeast corner of Europe and covers an area of 131.957 sq. km. Its population is 10.939.771 (2001) (of which 60,8% urban and 39.2% rural — 49,12% male and 50,88% female). It is a coastal country with the Sea of Crete and Mediterranean Sea located on its south side, the Aegean Sea on its east and Ionian Sea on its west. 

Highest mountain: Olympus, 2.917 m.
Capital: Athens
Local time: GMT +2 hours
Climate: Greece has a Mediterranean climate with plenty of sunlight, mild temperatures and limited rainfall.
General Information: Regime: Presidential Parliamentary Republic
Parliament: 300 MPs, elected every 4 years
Currency: Euro (340,75 drachmas) (since 01.01.2002)
Regions: 13 Peripheries and the Monastic State of Agion Oros (Athos) (a self-governed region) 51 Prefectures, 901 Municipalities and 130 Communee
Religion: Christian Orthodox: 98% Muslim: 1,3% Other: 0,7%
Official Holidays:
1st January: New Year
6th January: Epiphany
10th March: Ash Monday
25th March: National Holiday (Independence Day / Feast of Annunciation)
25th April: Good Friday
27 th April: Holy Easter
28th April: Easter Monday
1st May: Labour Day
16th June: White Monday
15th August: Dormition (Assumption) of The Virgin Mary
28th October: National Holiday
25th December: Christmas
26th December: Induction of The Virgin Mary
Transportation: Greece has 37 airports. Athens Venizelos International Airport, inaugurated March 2001, is the largest in the country connecting with 157 countries and accommodating 16 million passengers annually.
Greece also has 525 ports, the largest being that of Piraeus.

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