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Moving to FYR Macedonia

Matrix Relocations, SouthEast Europe’s champion in moving and relocating, is the best choice for you when you are moving to FYR Macedonia. The country has rules on visa requirements, residence rules and other regulations where you will be best off with a Matrix Relocations expert to smooth your way for you. With a long track record and detailed local knowledge, Matrix Relocations is best-placed to advise and assist you in getting to and settling in your new location in FYR Macedonia. We have useful advice to offer you – just one example, our knowledge of the property market in FYR Macedonia. More than that, Matrix Relocations has up-to-date information on the job market, on the rules on work permits in FYR Macedonia and on health care and finding schools.

Importing personal effects to FYR Macedonia

A range of documentation is required for importing your personal effects and household goods into FYR Macedonia. This includes, among others, your passport, invoice, an application from your employer to permit the temporary import, letter of employment and proof of address. There are specific regulations governing the import of electronic goods, such as television sets, which require a permit from the Environment Ministry, which can be a time-consuming process and may not be worth your while. Duties and value-added tax on imported goods are chargeable according to a specific formula.

For travellers entering the country, whether or not they are citizens, there are exemptions on duties on alcohol and tobacco products, provided that these do not exceed specific quantities. For example, wine, two litres.

The country also has rules on the import and export of foreign currencies, to certain limits, and depending on whether you are resident or non-resident.

If you bringing medicines for personal use, you need to have a certificate from your health institution detailing your name, the condition for which the medicine is prescribed and the name of the medicine, as well as a signed note from your GP confirming that the medicine is for your use.

For further details on rules importing household goods and personal effects into FYR Macedonia, please visit The International Association of Movers country guide. Again, it is important to note that Matrix Relocations provides its clients with informed guidance on the regulations and procedures. In this country and throughout the region, we are expert in immigration services.

Prohibited items

Items prohibited from import into FYR Macedonia include firearms, ammunition and other weapons of various kinds (eg, knives and swords). Firearms for hunting may be brought in only with written permission from the Interior Ministry. Also barred are pirated goods, pornography, narcotics and other illegal drugs, and endangered animals.

Moving your pets to FYR Macedonia

If you are bringing your pet with when you move to FYR Macedonia, please note that the country has a number of requirements. Your pet must have a health certificate issued by an authorised vet from the country that you are arriving from, a certificate of vaccination including covering rabies, and all dogs and cats must have a pet passport issued by a vet. Obviously, the rules are much more detailed than these brief guidelines and Matrix Relocations can provide detailed information on moving your pet to FYR Macedonia.

Moving a motor vehicle to FYR Macedonia

FYR Macedonia has detailed regulations covering the import of a new or used car to FYR Macedonia. The car being imported must be less than 10 years old, must be pre-owned by the person bringing it in, and documentation accompanying the import must include the originals of the registration certificate, invoice and ownership. You will have to provide your driving licence and international driving licence. On the import, value-added tax of 18 per cent if payable, as well as other duties and taxes. There are exemptions for accredited diplomats, and Matrix Relocations can advise you on the full details.

Living in FYR Macedonia

On your arrival in the country, you must prove that you have health insurance and have a deadline within which to register with the local police. Once all your administrative tasks are behind you, you can begin to enjoy the country, which has natural beauty and attractions for the long-term resident able to enjoy them at leisure. FYR Macedonia, one of SouthEast Europe’s smaller countries, generally has salaries much lower than those in the West, though for those with a reasonable income, the cost of living is reasonable. If you are moving to FYR Macedonia with your school-age children, there are international schools in FYR Macedonia. The country continues to present challenges in the form of bureaucracy. Matrix Relocations, apart from handling your move to FYR Macedonia and assisting you with our relocation services and immigration services, remains at your disposal for ongoing support in various forms.

Visa and Residence requirements

Details of visa requirements may be found at the website of FYR Macedonia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Matrix Relocations international team and office in Skopje looks forward to booking your move to FYR Macedonia and handling your moving services request.

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