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Moving to Serbia

Matrix Relocations, SouthEast Europe’s champion in moving and relocating, is the best choice for you when you are moving to Serbia. Serbia has rules on visa requirements, residence rules and other regulations where you will be best off with a Matrix Relocations expert to smooth your way for you. With a long track record and detailed local knowledge, Matrix Relocations is best-placed to advise and assist you in getting to and settling in your new location in Serbia. This SouthEast European country, with a population of about 7.2 million and a striking cultural environment, is best approached with the assistance of experts. Not an EU member, though it has candidate status, Serbia has its own national rules, for instance, on work permits – which are issued for limited periods of time, for example up to a year – and on customs and other regulations for imports into Serbia. Matrix Relocations has up-to-date information to assist you in immigration compliance and other issues regarding living in Serbia, for example, on the job market, and on health care and finding schools.

Importing personal effects to Serbia

The rules for importing personal effects to Serbia have some variations depending whether you are a foreigner, a returning Serbian citizen or a diplomat. For a foreigner, your personal effects and household goods may come into Serbia tax and duty-free provided that you can show that you have owned them for at least six months and that you have not lived in Serbia for at least a year. There are limits on the amount of alcohol and tobacco products that may be brought in (for example, no more than a litre of wine, 200 cigarettes). Serbia has a system for registering technical and mechanical goods temporarily brought into the country, subject to checks on leaving again. Rules also apply to medication, requiring a prescription from your doctor.

For further details on rules importing household goods and personal effects into Serbia, please visit The International Association of Movers country guide. Again, it is important to note that Matrix Relocations provides its clients with informed guidance on the regulations and procedures. Your international moving adviser will help you with clearing customs.

Prohibited items

The list of items prohibited for import into Serbia includes narcotics and illegal drugs, pornography, pesticides and other toxic substances, weapons and ammunition (with exceptions for the purposes of hunting for which special permission is required in advance). Matrix Relocations can assist you with clarity on whether an item should be regarded as prohibited from being brought into Serbia.

Moving your pets to Serbia

If you are bringing your pet with when you move to Serbia, please note that the country has a number of requirements. These include proof that the animal is free of rabies, a veterinary certificate from the country of origin that the animal is in good health, certification of up-to-date vaccinations. Cats and dogs brought into Serbia are subject to customs veterinarian inspection, with a fee payable. Cats and dogs brought into Serbia by tourists are not subject to quarantine, but quarantine may be required if the stay is longer than 30 days. Obviously, the rules are much more detailed than these brief guidelines and Matrix Relocations can provide detailed information on moving your pet to Serbia. Take a look at our tips on moving with pets.

Moving a motor vehicle to Serbia

A number of documents are required for foreigners bringing their vehicles with them when they come to Serbia to work. These include documentary confirmation from the police that the import of the car is permissible on the basis of temporary residence or a business visa. Again, the regulations are detailed according to different circumstances, including for instance exemptions for accredited diplomats, and Matrix Relocations can advise you on the full details.

Living in Serbia

A complex country with much potential, Serbia offers a potentially fascinating experience for those moving to Serbia for a long-term stay. It has its tourist attractions, many tied to the country’s long history, but also has the attractions of beautiful nature. Salaries are generally lower than those in the West, though for those with a reasonable income, the cost of living is in turn reasonable. If you are moving to Serbia with your school-age children, there are international schools in Serbia. The country continues to present challenges in the form of bureaucracy. Matrix Relocations, apart from handling your move to Serbia and assisting you with our relocation services and immigration services, remains at your disposal for ongoing support in various forms.

Visa and Residence requirements

Details of visa requirements may be found at the website of Serbia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Matrix Relocations, which has a Belgrade office, looks forward to booking your move to Serbia and handling your moving services request.

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