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Before Your Arrival

Pre-assignment consultation before your arrival:

Planning is important, the most important part of the whole relocation process. We advise our clients to start planning the process as early as possible, given that immigration services and procedures can take a very long time, depending on your situation and the reason that you want to live in the host country.

In immigration and law, a very small detail missed can cause delays and legal issues. Our professional advisors in Sofia, Athens, Belgrade, Pristina, Skopje and Zagreb will explain all the possibilities and requirements well in advance and will make sure you are in good hands. That will save you worry and stress.

Depending on your country of origin and place of birth, there are different possibilities for you to enter the country you intend doing so. We will take part in a short phone or e-mail survey to understand what will be required in your case regarding documentation and provide you will the necessary immigration services.

The process of issuing the appropriate visa for your stay in the host country is the most important process in your relocation. Complying with the law and the rules of the country you are about to enter will ease your way and secure your safety.

Matrix Relocations, provide immigration services for all your immigration needs. Contact us!

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