Military Cargo Carrier

Matrix Relocations – A Military Carrier of Choice

Our Specialized Logistics Team is involved in arranging the logistics and transportation for various military units throughout Europe.  We hold an excellent track record in providing logistics and transportation solutions to NATO military via different channels of procurement and distribution.

Transport of Armored Fighting Vehicles (AFV)

If your task is to manage a significant transportation of Tanks, Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs), Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFV), Infantry Mobility Vehicles (IMV), Protected Patrol Vehicles (PPV), Multiple Rocket Launchers or similar, our experts can mobilize in a short timeframe enough suitable flatbed and double dropdeck flatbed trailers in various points of collection in Europe. If time allows, we may offer you a more cost-effective solutions by using rail.

Transport of Military Equipment

Depending on the scope, Matrix Relocations will mobilize vehicles of the appropriate class, in order to fulfill the task. Usually the  trucks / vans supplied have two drivers on board to assure continuous movement.

Arranging Military Convoys

Once the order is secured, we will work with your unit and plan together all the aspects of the movement. In most of the cases we may assure a live satellite tracking of the vehicles, supplied by us. Our representatives at the convoy will be your helping hand for a smooth transportation.


We comply with the requirements of the FCRP as well as the requirements and safety and security standards contained in the NATO STANAGs and the Defense Transportation Regulation (DTR), Part II, Cargo Movement; the Department of Transportation Title 49, Code of Federal Regulations (DOT 49 CFR); and SDDC Military Freight Traffic Unified Rules Publication-1 (MFTURP-1); as well as the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA); including the Safety and Fitness Electronic Records (SAFER) System; the National Motor Freight Traffic Association, Inc. (NMFTA); and U.S. Bank Power Track.

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