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Mobility: What we offer for your corporate relocation

Matrix Relocations is the relocating expert for your company. We know all the challenges you face every day. That’s why we have built the world’s most trusted and reliable network of relocation and moving companies – to help make your job a little easier and to simplify the mobility process. We want to keep you operating by taking care of every detail when relocating your employees. Our offices in Sofia, Athens, Belgrade, Pristina, Skopje and Zagreb are available for you and your employees and our team of moving professionals is ready to answer all your questions.

Matrix Relocations Mobility Programs: Our new set of services

We are not the usual relocating company. We offer a new breed of services working for you 24/7, around the world, aiming to be your one and only provider of company relocation services. Matrix Relocations’ financial stability and professional services give you the freedom to relocate employees from origin to destination, completely stress-free. We have especially designed services to make your life easier by helping you to untangle the complexities of corporate relocation. Our relocation management system is a complete list of checks, double-checks and ongoing communication which accelerates productivity and creates efficiency for you and your employees. These are just some of the advantages of our preferred customer agreement.

Customised Mobility

Our new set of services is designed especially for you. We participate in a global network of trusted companies, corporate relocation specialists, from sales representatives to legal advisers, who stay focused on your business throughout your relocation. As a part of the largest network providing relocating services, Matrix Relocations is able to command premier, preferential service from our network of trusted agents, thus providing you with affordable solutions servicing your specific requirements. Our set of technology-based services will give you time to relax. Our network of agents stays focused on the details and manages your account with precision and genuine care at every step of the mobility process.

Relocation is easy with our All-in Mobility Services

We promise you to make every corporate relocation experience easy and stress-free. We promise you the same quality on one end of the relocation to recur on the other end, no matter where in the world your employees should be. The strength of our network keeps your business constantly working. We can relocate your employees anywhere in the world, at any time of the year. With a network of trusted companies in 34 countries across Europe and Asia-Pacific, and over 500 partners in North America alone, Matrix Relocations will make your transferees feel at home. We do much more than simply relocate employees. We are problem-solvers who take on the challenge of earning your business.
We understand that a relocation is hard and time-consuming, and that it’s only a part of your many job responsibilities. We take the stress off of you and put it on our teams of relocation coordinators and legal advisers at our offices in Sofia, Athens, Belgrade, Pristina, Skopje and Zagreb. They work with customer-focused quality standards to ensure an easy and trouble-free relocation experience.

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