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Mobility Resources

Our company relocation services go far beyond customized relocation options. We also provide you with the necessary information for every aspect of the relocation process. From real estate to white papers, our relocation resources assist you at every step of the process.

You choose the relocation services you need and we customize them depending on your requirements. Because every relocation process is completely different, Matrix Relocations has a relocation team of flexible and innovative professionals and customized mobility programs.

The affordability of our high-quality service and personal involvement will surprise you. And that’s not all. Our experts are always available to our precious clients. Even if your move was a month or even five years ago, you can always call on your personal adviser for assistance.

We build very strong relations with our customers, gaining their trust so that, if they need advice from choosing a good restaurant to relocating to the other end of the world, we are the first people they call.

We understand all the advantages and disadvantages of an expat’s life in a new environment. The language barriers can be a real challenge and can cause misunderstandings.  At the relocation company, we always manage to keep our clients informed, happy and relaxed. Let us do the hard work for you and enjoy the experience of moving to a new country.

Our team of professionals from the offices in Sofia, Athens, Belgrade, Pristina, Skopje and Zagreb will also provide you with all kinds of helpful information about local industry trade associations and publications. These papers will provide you with information on a wide variety of company relocation issues from relocation to real estate. These resources keep you informed at all times. Matrix Relocations is a relocation company that is here to provide you with the relocation services you need!

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    Thanks for everything! For my next visit, I will bring good selection of desserts only for you, Ani! :) :)

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