Moving in SouthEast Europe

Changing Europe, and SouthEast Europe: Moving with Matrix Relocations

With everything from Brexit to the evolving situations in the countries of SouthEast Europe, there are more and more compelling reasons why you need to choose Matrix Relocations when you are moving in SouthEast Europe.

Let us start with Brexit.

There are many unknowns about how the process will work out, and what the effects will be on British citizens already living in other European Union countries, including those in SouthEast Europe such as Bulgaria and Greece.

The list of questions is a long one. It is not yet know what will happen with, among other things, residence rights, property rights, visa rules, mutual recognition of court judgments, and validity of driving licences. Even the protection afforded by EU rules on compensation for delayed and cancelled air flights. That is not a comprehensive list of all the issues – there will be many to work through.

Now let us look at SouthEast Europe.

The region is a mixture of EU and non-EU countries. In SouthEast Europe, even the EU countries have their own special regulations and requirements. Among the non-EU countries, there are local rules that relate to, for example, whether items are coming in from EU or non-EU countries. There is no need for you to worry about the details, though: Matrix Relocations’ experts know all of them.

Matrix Relocations is always up-to-date on changing rules and regulations, when moving in SouthEast Europe. Our experts know all the realities about how things really work when it comes to handling a move and relocations.

Matrix Relocations – a champion in SouthEast Europe

When we say that Matrix Relocations is the champion in the moving and relocation industry in SouthEast Europe, we have reason to do so. Have a look at our Immigration Section on this website, for example. You can contact us to book your move in the confidence that we hold all the current information on visa requirements, residence requirements and all the legal issues that you, your family and your business will encounter in the countries of SouthEast Europe.

One more thing.

You can spend some time doing internet searches about top destinations for expats, about the best places to work, about the cheapest destinations to live. Well, that may tell you about Melbourne or Cape Town or Zurich. You may find out, according to the escape here website, that Bishkek is apparently the cheapest in the top-10-cheapest cities to live. (the same website ranked Skopje fifth out of 10)

You may find out that, according to InterNations, a survey established that Greece ranked 63rd in the top expat destinations in 2019.

Frankly, rather than roam the internet, as good as many websites are about well-known destinations for expats, you’re better off going directly to Matrix Relocations. Precisely because of our expertise in the region.

Contact us online and you can get in touch with your personal adviser in Sofia, Athens, Belgrade, Pristina, Skopje and Zagreb. We’ll get you moving in SouthEast Europe.

And it is about more than just Matrix Relocations’ expertise.

We can justly boast of our affordability and competitiveness when it comes to pricing. Our professionalism, our track record dating back more than 30 years, of our membership of the top-rank international moving industry associations.

Matrix Relocations always has been ready for a changing Europe.

We have grown up in a changing Europe. Whether it is Brexit or any other change affecting Europe and SouthEast Europe, Matrix Relocations as a relocation and moving company is keeping up-to-date – and that means helping you every step of the way, successfully making your move one full of confidence and calm.

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