Matrix Relocations handles local moves too

No one from the other moving companies is better prepared than Matrix Relocations to provide you with local moving services at affordable prices. Although Matrix Relocations does not have locations and representatives throughout the world, we can still offer a personalized local move to our customers through our network of trusted companies. Our offices in Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia and Croatia will provide you with full assistance for your local move.

Matrix Relocations stands out among local moving companies

Depending on your specific situation, our local moving services vary from simple to more inclusive. We customize your move to supply the exact services you want. We will provide you a personal moving adviser in Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia & Hertzegovina and Croatia to plan and effectively manage your move from beginning to end. There is always a certain amount of stress in a local move, even if you are moving next door. With your personal moving adviser, your stress will be minimized as they take care of all the details.

Matrix Relocations – your local mover

We design our moving services  to meet your personal needs. If you want to pack by yourself, our moving sets are just perfect. Efficient in securing your belongings, the sets offer all the moving supplies you need. For your local move, this is the best money-saving option. We also offer a variety of packing services, so we can fulfill all your requirements. We can pack only your fragile items, do custom crating or even offer a full-service packing for your needs.
With Matrix Relocations you receive various storage options at our secured warehouses in Sofia, Athens, Belgrade, Pristina, Skopje and Zagreb for your local move. Temporary or permanent storage keeps your belongings during a move, guaranteeing their safety.

As a moving company, Matrix Relocations will do everything for your local move: disassembly and assembly of appliances and large items, cleaning services, unpacking and debris removal and auto and boat shipping.

Matrix Relocations local moving services are outstanding

Matrix Relocations will exceed your expectations as your local moving company. From local moving services to unparalleled customer support and appreciation, we have it all. Our skilled professionals, equipment standards and highly-trained movers and drivers are ready to handle any local moving need you have. We provide all of our outstanding services at affordable rates for your move. You can still remain in your budget while receiving the highest-quality local removal. Our many options for local moving services help to keep you in control while saving you money.
Matrix Relocations offers more than you expect from a local moving company. We have everything – from local moving services to unparalleled customer support and appreciation. All your local moving needs are handled with higher equipment standards, our skilled professionals and best-trained movers and drivers in Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia and Croatia

Matrix Relocations – moving families locally since 1990

Our years of experience as a local moving company can assist your next move. We customize and adapt our services to fit all your needs. Since 1990, we’ve been moving families down the street, across town and to the next city. We’ve got everything to handle your local move right now. Just enjoy how we manage your next local move, efficiently and affordably.