When you choose Matrix Relocations as your moving company, you can be sure that your possessions are protected the best way available during a move. We offer full moving coverage! We are the moving service preferred by many families over any other movers!

Why? Because of our experience, training and high standards. Our professional packers, specially developed packing techniques, tracking services and best-equipped moving vehicles.

They are ready to ensure a safe, stress-free move so you can take care of the other tasks during an unsettling life change.

An item could be damaged, no matter how hard we try to keep it safe. For such occasions Matrix Relocations offers Extra Care Protection (ECP) – Full Protection Care (FPC). ECP is insurance for your home items up to an amount determined by you, that allows Matrix Relocations to resolve quickly the damage claim, keeping you happy with our moving services. You can contact your personal adviser at any time and receive very detailed information about our insurance packages and coverage.

Extra Care Protection – the best moving coverage for your belongings

ECP, the most comprehensive protection plan in the industry, makes it possible for you to relax while relocating with Matrix Relocations. ECP covers the full costs for repairing or replacing every item of yours that is properly documented, as lost, damaged, or destroyed.

Additional care for valuables

If you want to move high value items, defined as items valued at $50 per kilogram or higher. Then please inform us so we can prepare a High Value Inventory Form for you. You must list your highly valuable items in the form and present it to your Personal Moving Adviser. Or to the driver in charge of packing your belongings so that we can be sure your items have the correct level of ECP coverage.

Choose the right coverage for your move

Personal Moving Adviser in Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia and Croatia. They will give you all the information you need about Matrix Relocations ECP. Every deductible option, cost comparisons and all the methods we use to determine the best coverage levels.

What’s right for you?

Ask your Personal Moving Adviser. The adviser will understand your moving needs, determine your belongings’ total valuation and answer any questions you might have. All we want for you is to be satisfied when we move your home.

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