Delivery and Unpacking

Delivery and Unpacking

At Matrix Relocations, we are proud of our outstanding customer service at every phase of the moving process. From planning to unpacking, your international move will exceed your expectations. From the first to the last stage of the international moving process, Matrix Relocations in Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia and Croatia provides you with the best quality services. Especially in delivery and unpacking.

At the moment your shipment reaches the final destination, your belongings will be professionally unloaded in the same professional manner in which they were loaded. We know that shipments going through international moving require extra care due to the more rigorous transport. Matrix Relocations crew is experienced in the appropriate delivery and unpacking methods. When trusting Matrix Relocations experts, you can expect:

  • English-speaking crew assisting you at delivery.

  • Careful unloading and crosschecking of all items with your inventory list and placing in the correct rooms.

  • Unpacking fragile items on flat surfaces.

  • Quick removal of all packing materials from your new home.

We don’t expect anything to happen to your belongings while in our care. If the unlikely event that any item is damaged, Matrix Relocations will arrange claims quickly and easily. Our online claim settlement process enables you to submit a claim at the click of a button. Matrix Relocations claims departments in Sofia, Athens, Belgrade, Pristina, Skopje and Zagreb can handle it quickly and professionally allowing you to focus on your new life.


After the move is finished, you will be asked to sign and date a packing list which will be the last step in the moving process. This will confirm that all items have been delivered. You will also be asked to sign a delivery report or ‘Out turn Report.’ This report will clearly reveal the condition of your belongings when unpacked. The crew will return the delivery report and packing list to your moving adviser to confirm that your shipment has been delivered correctly.
When you trust us for your international moving, you can be sure that you will receive best quality services at every step of the move. From packing and loading to unloading and unpacking of your shipment, Matrix Relocations takes full care of your international move. You can rely on Matrix Relocations. The moving company you will choose!

What our Customers say:

This is just to inform you and confirm that our household was delivered to our current address 10 days ago, and everything was in excellent condition. I would like to take a moment to thank you and your crew for your excellent job and professionalism. Special thanks to each one and every member of your crew in Athens for handling all of our items in the same way myself and Kostas would have. I am positive that our moving was uneventful to a great extent due to their personal meticulous and methodical working habits. Both Kostas and I greatly appreciate all your hard work, and we will certainly be your best referral source!

By Panagiota & Kostas S. of Athens, Greece

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