Now you can begin your international move! Our expert teams will ensure that your international moving will be successful. The first step is to complete the packing and loading.

How to prepare?

To help Matrix Relocations’ crew from Sofia, Athens, Belgrade, Pristina, Skopje or Zagreb in the moving process, you can begin by sorting your household items. Sorting items that need to go into storage will further help the movers.

Remember to pack and prepare all the personal items that will be traveling with you. Your coverage will not cover money or jewelry. Also, carefully put aside passports and important paperwork. Otherwise everything will be “caught up” in the move.

Your moving crew

Matrix Relocations, as your moving company, will provide experienced, highly trained packers to ensure that packing and loading takes place correctly. Our packers have been trained to use specific international packing materials that will protect your possessions during the move. With what Matrix stand out from other moving companies is the packers and movers. They go through the school of Matrix Relocations in Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia and Croatia. They are well prepared for every single and unique removal!

The crew supervisor is the first person you will meet. The supervisor will review the details of the move with you; will clarify your requirements or needs for the move, along with special instructions you have, if any. Inform the crew supervisor about any changes since the time of your original estimate, so appropriate arrangements can be made. The supervisor will walk around your home and plan the packing process in the most efficient way.

We will protect your home

Promising to protect your home during the international moving process. We will be extremely careful to your carpets and floors, banisters, doors and vulnerable areas to prevent damage.

We will protect your possessions

Each member of the moving crew has been comprehensively trained in effective and efficient packing techniques suitable for the high requirements of an international move.

Your belongings will be wrapped one by one in special six-layer padded paper wrap and will be packed in the appropriate containers. Crates and casings will be used specifically for items that require extra protection during the move. Standard goods will be protected with sturdy wrapping and sturdy cartons.

We promise that you’ll get the highest quality materials and packers in order to protect your belongings during the long journey overseas.

Check your inventory

Check if everything have been packed for the shipment. The packing crew will create an inventory during the process. The inventory will contain brief details of the contents of each carton as well as the wrapped furniture. Sign the inventory form when the packing has been done.

Remember to keep a copy of this important document! Another copy of the inventory will be send to your destination to arrange customs clearance and delivery.

Shipment details

After packing and loading are complete, you will receive shipping details that confirm your vessel or flight number, the estimated time of arrival at port or airport and the name of the person at your destination who will clear your items through customs and arrange the delivery.