Moving Checklist

Moving Checklist

Compiling a moving checklist for your upcoming relocation will help you be better organized. Many things have to be considered when preparing your move, and organizing everything into a checklist will ensure that nothing goes wrong. That is why, Matrix Relocations, the moving company you choose, have already taken care of this task for you, developing a moving list for each step of the move.

Checklist for Moving Timeline

Take a close look at our moving checklist, which gives you a timeline of when to accomplish things for your move. The structured outlines the things you need to do and the time needed before moving. That is why, the checklist starts 8 weeks prior the actual move day, providing you with a two-month moving timeline in which to plan your move.

For Moving Day

The next checklist points out the tasks you need to accomplish on the moving day – marking boxes, clearing walkways, acquiring paperwork, etc. Although they look small, the risk is that they may be skipped on the moving day. Relying on a list on your actual move day will ensure a smooth and stress-free process.

Use Matrix Relocations’ Checklist for Moving

Our checklist is specially designed to help you prepare better for your relocation. We want to ensure that your move is smooth and stress-free. Using a list will keep you focused on any important details for your coming relocation. We are ready to assist you with your next move. Start an organized move with our checklist and our professionals in Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia and Croatia

Are you by any chance already packing for a move? We made the stressful process easy! Learn more on our blog.

What our Customers say:

After being promoted from my company and had to relocate to Bulgaria to manage our office in Sofia I was excited and stressed at the same time. I didn’t know much about Bulgaria but my biggest concern was my dog. The immigration paperwork was also a challenge, you made it so easy for us! I found Matrix Relocations in Sofia and booked a relocation & immigration package for Rosemary, myself and our dog. Even that the time was short they reacted very quickly and professionally. All the properties I saw was selected according to my needs and now I live in an amazing house, just under the mountain with my dog and we are enjoying our new life.

By Jeremy & Rosemary L. of Basel, Switzerland

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