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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions concerning the move, Matrix Relocations’ FAQ moving checklist will help with answers. We have answered the most frequently asked questions about moving, and we have put them together in this moving checklist. From preparation to the finish of the move and even claims, all the answers are here.

Moving FAQ: Pre-Move

When is the best time to move?

Starting with our first and most frequently asked questions about moving. Usually, the busiest period for all moving companies is between May and September. The amount of shipments increases heavily at the end of the period.
Be flexible when planning your move. The best option is to provide a five-day window for loading your shipment. This will give the moving crew a good opportunity to be flexible when combining several moves in one truck. Also, try to provide several days time for unloading the shipment. If you are flexible, you really help your mover.

How do I choose a moving company?

Then our second frequently asked questions about moving. Firstly, ask people around you for recommendations. You can look up information and opinions about different companies on the internet. The good movers are usually highly rated.

When is the time to contact the moving companies I have chosen for estimates?

If you have decided to move during the summer, contact the movers as early as possible. Company estimators should come six weeks before the date of the move in order to ensure that there will be enough time for the rest of the process. If you have to decide among several estimates, contact the companies even earlier. Make your final choice of mover at least four weeks before the move, plan your packing, loading and unloading days and any special requirements. If you are moving during the low season, the time needed is quite shorter.

Why does the personal moving adviser need to come to my home?

The moving adviser needs to make a visual survey of the items you will be moving, so he/she can prepare an accurate estimate based on the amount and weight of the items and packing methods. This is why your personal moving adviser needs to see all your belongings you plan to move. To make it easier, organize your belongings before the arrival of the moving adviser.

The main task of your personal moving adviser is to take a look at every possible place (under beds, behind cupboards, basement, attics, etc.) and to observe every item that you plan to move and that will need packing. Also, make sure that you point out all the things that you will not move or throw away, so there are no misunderstandings.

The visit of the moving adviser is very important. If done properly, this will save you a lot of trouble when the moving time comes. If you miss any small item during the visual survey, it’s not a big deal, but if something bigger is not seen by the adviser, you could run out of loading space on the moving day.

Based on the experience of our offices in Sofia, Athens, Belgrade, Pristina, Skopje and Zagreb, a pre-move survey visit is the best possible way to measure your belongings as accurately as possible and to provide you with the best services, avoiding surprises.

What is ‘a binding estimate’?

This is a contact you sign before the move and that includes all the service that you have requested and the overall cost of the move. The total cost could increase if you ask for any additional services.

What is ‘a non-binding estimate’?

The non-binding estimate is based on the exact weight of your shipment and all the services performed during the move. There is also an estimate before the move, so you can get an idea how much it will cost in the end.
The driver will measure your shipment by calculating the difference in the trailer weight before and after the loading. All the services will be calculated before the move and you will get an estimate. There is a slight chance that other charges could occur during the move, but this is not common and if there is anything, you will be informed immediately about it by the driver.

How is the cost of the move calculated?

The cost of any move is based mainly on the weight of the shipment and the distance of the move. Also, there are other charges that could be added to your estimate but your moving adviser will explain to you every single charge. They are related with any additional services required like packing, crating, high value items, oversized items, etc. Be sure to understand the charges for every requested service, so you can compare estimates accurately.

How and when should I pay?

You have to pay all the charges before you receive your shipment at destination. You can pay in cash, by check, or by bank transfer. You could discuss other payment methods like credit card, for example, with your personal moving adviser. Every kind of payment is acceptable, but it should be arranged before the move, so there are no troubles on the delivery day.

What is ‘an order for service’?

Each moving company is obliged to provide an Order for Service before transporting any shipment. The Order for Service is a document that clearly explains all requested and required services before the move starts. The schedule of the move is also included with exact dates or time windows. The document contains also contact information so the driver can get in touch with the customer anytime.

Every cost and the overall amount are also included in the Order for Service. If you are using the non-binding estimate services, the Order will state the exact amount that should be paid and the method of payment agreed. If any additional charges appear during the move, you will be given one month period to cover these expenses. If the binding estimate is what you have chosen, then everything that you have to pay is listed in the order of service, based on the binding estimate.

The customer and the driver should sign the Order for Service, so the move can begin.

What is ‘a bill of lading’?

The Bill of Lading is your receipt for the items transported and the contract for the services. Every shipment has its own Bill of Lading. You can get a copy of this document from the driver who is moving your belongings.
It is very important to read carefully and understand all the information provided in the Bill of Lading. The document clearly states the exact times of loading and unloading, the mover, the amount that the mover has to pay if any of your items gets damaged during the move, the payment method and the amount you have to pay on delivery in case you have chosen the non-binding estimate option.

What is importance of the Inventory?

Each item and the condition it is received by the mover is described in the inventory. Our drivers are obliged to prepare an inventory while loading, although it is not strictly required by law.

Packing questions

Can I pack items in my drawers?

You should leave your drawers empty. Everything should be packed in boxes in order to prevent damage to loose objects.

How can I pack a waterbed?

You should drain your waterbed before packing it. You will need a professional to vacuum-drain it in case your bed is filled with fiber.

Can I move my plants?

Usually, moving companies do not move plants, because they are too sensitive to the stress inside the moving van and that could kill them. Also, there are some countries that do not allow entry of plants on their territory without special permission. The best way to move your plants is with your own car.

How can I move high-valuable items?

If an item costs more than $100 per pound, usually it is categorized as an item of “extraordinary” value. These include antiques, jewelry, money, etc. They can be included in your shipment after you inform your personal moving adviser about them before the packing starts. You should also fill in and sign a high-value inventory form, on which you have to declare the value of the items on order ensure that they will not be limited to the minimal liability. When you receive your items at your destination, you should sign an“Extraordinary Value Article Declaration”. If you have items that are extremely valuable, we recommend that you make special arrangements about moving them or to take them with you.

All the information you need about the moving of valuable items will be provided by your personal moving adviser.

How should appliances be prepared for the move?

Your personal moving adviser will inform you about preparing appliances to be moved. Usually your moving company should contact local service providers that will come and prepare all appliances for the move. You only need to know who and when will come in order to let them into your home.

How does the moving company protect my upholstered furniture during the move?

Your upholstered furniture is protected by special packing called stretch-wrap. This is heavy, clear plastic that is wrapped around your furniture and protects it during the move.

Valuation of coverage

How am I protected against any lost or damage while my shipment is on the move?

There are several different levels of protection that depend on the valuation coverage that you have selected. It is very important to understand clearly this part of the documentation, because this is the most potentially confusing part of the move.

You are free to choose a validation option that will define the liability of the carrier and the basis of a claim if any damages occur to your belongings. Loss or damage liability of the carrier is based upon the tariffs of the mover and on the laws and regulations of the particular country or state. It is important to know that the liability of the mover is not an insurance. Your home insurance often covers any moves, but you have to check this with your local insurance provider.

Released Value This is the cheapest option, because you don’t have to pay anything. If anything is lost or damaged, you will receive $.60 per pound per item. Often this is not sufficient to cover your expenses for lost or damaged item. It is advisable to use this option if only your insurance policy covers the entire value of your belongings during a move.

Full Value ProtectionThis is the most expensive and the most sufficient option. In this case every item lost or damaged will be replaced, repaired or payed by the mover on its current market price regardless of age and condition. No depreciation is applied when you are moving under Full Value Protection.

The cost of the Full Value Protection depends on the mover’s rules and conditions.

The Move

How to prepare for the moving day?

You should discuss with your mover and determine one or several days in a row on which your belongings will be loaded. The number of days depends on the size of the shipment and the time of the year. If you are moving in high season, you should be flexible and allow some extra days for loading your goods. This will give a better chance to the mover to manage your move properly.

At least 24 hours before the exact time of the arrival of the truck, you will be contacted by the driver or by the moving company representative. If any changes have occurred such as street closings due to construction work or lift repairs, that could complicate the mover’s work, inform the moving company.

Prepare your home for the loading crew. Clear the walkways of any obstacles that may obstruct the movers. Take doors off the hinges if you have large pieces of furniture.

Prepare water or soda for the driver and the crew, especially if you are moving during a hot summer. This will be highly appreciated, although they will come prepared.

The crew will prepare the house with runners, door jam protectors and railing protectors to ensure a smooth loading process.

Can I track my shipment once it leaves my home?

Matrix Relocations’ satellite tracking will allow you to track the exact location of your shipment over the internet. Ask your personal moving adviser for details.

When are my belongings going to be delivered?

You will be contacted by the driver at least 24 hour before the delivery. The driver will provide you with the exact expected arrival time of your goods and will keep you up to date if there are any changes.

It is important to provide the driver with your contact information. If you are already settled at your new place, provide the telephone number. Otherwise provide a hotel phone number, mobile phone or e-mail address. It is a good idea to give contact information for a friend to be contacted in case the driver is not able to get in touch with you.

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