moving day

Moving Day

Matrix Relocations’ moving day checklist helps you with the last-minute details. One of the busiest days of your life is coming. Are you ready to meet the challenge?

Complete the checklist

  • Complete all the tasks on the moving day checklist before the moving day so that you can be at home during the loading process.
  • Usually the driver has questions that only you can answer. Designate someone to be available throughout the loading process.
  • The moving day checklist should be completed before the truck arrives.

Mark and put aside items you don’t want to be loaded

  • By completing this, you can easily tell the driver what not to load on the moving day.
  • Make sure that your important paperwork concerning the move doesn’t get packed and shipped with the rest of your belongings.

Make a kids pack

  • Pack a box of kids “special” items. Make sure it will be the first to be unloaded.
  • It’s a good idea to have someone to take care of the kids (and pets) while the movers are packing and loading your items. Make sure that the caregiver brings the kids back home before the truck leaves, because young children should understand where their belongings are going.

Clear walkways

  • Help movers to get in and out of your house by removing all obstructions from the walkways:
  • Move potted plants and planters from front porch, walkways and driveways.
  • Remove all door and floor mats.
  • Remove all carpets. We will protect the floors with a specially designed floor covering that does not slip.
  • Remove low hanging items such as hanging plants.
  • Disconnect the spring on the screen door, if any, so that it stays open.
  • If you had the moving company pack for you, work with them to keep walkways clear for the driver and crew.

Point out special items

  • When the mover arrives, point out items that are most special to you during the walk-through. All your items will be handled carefully, but use the opportunity to show them which are the most valuable for you.
  • Point out the boxes you want unloaded first. These could be kitchen and bathroom items, or your children’s toys.

Before the driver leaves

  • Make sure you have read and understand all the papers you sign before the driver departs. If there is something that is confusing to you, your driver will explain it before you sign.
  • Provide the driver with your destination contact information. Collect any information the driver can provide such as his cell phone, pager and satellite tracking information. If something changes, you won’t have to wait to be contacted.
  • Ask the driver if your shipment is the last loaded. Find out when the last shipment goes onto the trailer. This will give you an indication as to when they will be departing for your new home. Ask the driver when your items will be delivered.

Collect as many details as possible before the driver leaves your home.

  • The driver should give you your delivery window. Keep in mind that it is really only a plan at the time of loading. A lot of factors can change the schedule for the driver, so you should remain flexible. Also you can contact your personal adviser from Matrix Relocations in Sofia, Athens, Belgrade, Pristina, Skopje and Zagreb and ask how you can monitor your shipment.
  • Ask the driver to call you if there are any changes so that you can adjust your plans.
  • If you have a delivery spread (a sequence of 2 or more days that your shipment can be delivered on and still be considered on time) understand that you can and may be delivered on any one of those days.
  • Take a final look around the house before the driver leaves. Look through all closets, shelves, in the garage, attic, crawl space, storage unit, under the stairs, on the walls and any place else things might have left behind. You do not want to find out, after the driver is on the way, something is still there.

The Moving Checklist will help you

The checklist is designed to help you prepare better for your actual moving day. All the small details and things you can prepare for your movers will make the difference when the moving day comes. Matrix Relocations’ moving day checklist makes the complicated process much easier for everybody.

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