We offer many types of moving kits to assist you in packing up your belongings. You can choose from among different options from room moving kits to kitchen kits. The moving supplies are affordable, allowing you to pack up your home at a reasonable price. If you can’t find the moving kit suitable for your needs, contact our professionals from Matrix Relocations offices in Sofia, Athens, Belgrade, Pristina, Skopje and Zagreb and they will provide you with a customized moving kit exactly for you.

All You Need in One Box

We include various moving supplies. Some of the kits come with bubble wrap, packing tape and marker. When you purchase one you will be equipped with all the supplies you need to pack up your belongings.

We offer many options that suit all the needs you may have. Whether you just need a couple of wardrobe boxes for transporting some clothing, or you need many more moving boxes to pack a bedroom, we have it. Mix and match our kits to pack your entire house or just one room. They are tailored to supply you with the packing materials needed for any move.

Our general kits vary in size and amounts of moving boxes included, packing tape, bubble wrap and markers. Also moving kit can contain only wardrobe boxes. We offer a moving kit with only extra large boxes and moving kits developed specifically for bedrooms or kitchens. Generic moving supplies are suitable for any room, while we have kits developed for certain rooms that will help you to pack those rooms better.

Our moving kits are your first step for a successful packing. Do-it-yourself packing is a cost-effective option for moving, but it requires some assistance. Allow us to assist you in the packing job with our moving supplies. For your upcoming move, begin with our moving kits.

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