Our experience in packing enables us to give you a guide that will simplify the process for you. The guide has tips and instructions how to pack your belongings room-by-room. Packing the right way is essential for the move. If you are doing the packing by yourself, our guide will help you to do it like a professional.

Even if you have professionals packing your residence, it is good to be familiar with our packing guide because you never know when you might need to pack. This resource is designed to help you when that time comes. Ask your personal adviser from Matrix Relocations in Sofia, Athens, Belgrade, Pristina, Skopje or Zagreb for more information and assistance when packing your belongings on your own.

Packing explained room-by-room

Our packing guide provides explanations how to pack the typical components of every room. The house is divided by kitchen, laundry, dining room, living room, office, storage, bedroom, bathroom and garage. Find the sections that will help you and follow the tips.

Each room is different and requires different things in terms of packing. The kitchen requires careful dish and glass packing. The living room requires stretch wrapping for the furniture and packing of fragile items. The bedroom requires packing of large and light items like blankets, pillows and clothing. Our packing guide points out the packing specifics of each room.

We have developed the packing guide in order to help you to pack up your belongings the right way. The best move is an organized move – and it all starts with packing.