Precise preparation and good management are the basis of a good office move. There is no doubt. Do not underestimated office moving.

As an expert in company relocations and office moves of all sizes, Matrix Relocations minimizes downtime and stress as much as possible. We know that downtime means lost money and compromised customer service.

Matrix Relocations’s offices in Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia and Croatia ensure that business is moving  smoothly, quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.

We understand

At Matrix Relocations, we understand that the office moving schedule must be strict. Furthermore there is no time to waste. Usually office removals are being done at weekends, so no working hours are wasted. Our team will provide you with a color-coded scheme of your current and your future offices. Our carpenters will dismantle all the furniture and will re-assemble it. Your employees will have a brand new environment. Do not worry that files are missing or the PC keyboard belongs to somebody else.

We know

Your business might be exposed to different risks beyond what you have in mind about the cost of the actual removal. Hiring Matrix Relocations’s professionals in Sofia, Athens, Belgrade, Pristina, Skopje and Zagreb will give you full confidence. Given that all the documents will be in place, computers and telephones will not be mixed up, and everything will be properly connected. Your business will be working as usual on Monday.

We promise to provide you with a quality, timely and cost-sensitive relocation service while your business remains stress-free and productive.