Relocation Services

Relocation Services

Matrix Relocations offers the full menu of relocation services to the highest professional standards, taking care every step of the way with our own team, in-house. Each one of our mobility programs is provided with the Matrix Relocations Advantage Benefit. The Matrix Relocations Advantage Benefit includes flexible pricing, quality service, trained professionals, innovative technologies and comprehensive valuation.  

Matrix Relocations’ expertise covers the four key stages that are included in relocation services. At every stage, we know what is involved and what to plan for, comprehensively.

The first is destination services, starting from the pre-assignment visit, to temporary accommodation, an orientation tour, home-finding, lease screening and negotiation, finding suitable schools and kindergartens, tenancy management and assisting in deciding on medical care providers.

Then comes Matrix Relocations’ settling-in services (eg, opening bank accounts, utilities connection, housekeeping assistance).

It doesn’t end there. We provide ongoing support to add value to the professional and personal lives of assignees and their families – cultural and language training, tax assistance, company setup assistance, dealing with tax, health insurance, accounting and payroll advisory, translation and interpreting services, and more) and finally, rounding off the success with departure services (including lease terminations, disconnection of utilities). Matrix Relocations believes that the key to a successful departure is a successful move in.

Matrix Relocations is the only relocation provider to offer both traditional programs and truly risk-free options. Our specific solutions are unique in offering fixed and predictable costs with none of the risks of traditional methods. Our complete menu of services means you define the assistance you need.