departure services

Departure Services

Cancellation of work, residence permits and other local certificates

Our departure services are again designed depending on your requirements and current situation. As important is to secure your stress free beginning and new life  in a completely different country, same value we add to our departure programs. For us is important to make sure you have nothing to worry about once you have left the country. Our team of experts in Sofia, Athens, Belgrade, Pristina, Skopje and Zagreb are here for you and your family, reliable and trusted with the process of termination of bills, permits and bank accounts. An experience of an end and a new beginning puts a double stress on you so feel free to leave the hard work to us and pay attention to other, more important things at that moment of your life. Being with your family and you colleagues before your departure and feeling confident that everything is done properly matters a lot to us and we want to make sure you receive the highest quality services you deserve. As a relocation company working more than 30 years now:

  • We will prepare a full program for the process of your departure. What needs to be done and what notices you must provide.
  • Our relocation specialist will guide you through the finalization of your stay in the host country and will take care for the legal termination of the work permit.

 Further support

  • Depending on your next destination we will connect you with our agent or partner in your future host country. We will provide full information at your next destination so your entrance there is secured and the processes and dead lines are met.
  • We make sure you are in good hands before you arrive and even after you leave the country. Your trust is highly valuated at Matrix Relocations. It is important to secure for you the desired life standards and to make sure no bad experiences will distract you from your family and career.
  • We will assist you with the handover protocol of the property.
  • Inspection of the condition of the property and furniture.
  • Closing of bank accounts, disconnecting of utilities, telephones and internet connections.
  • Informing post offices for address changes.
  • We will organise mail forwarding for you as well.
  • Preparing the letter of notification to the landlord on your behalf.
  • Arranging return of deposits paid on your arrival.
  • Assisting with the beginning of your new relocation process with our partner or agent in your future host country.
  • What Our Clients Say

    Herewith I would like to thank you for the good service. Your company Matrix Relocations was very responsive and customer friendly. Our communication was excellent and I would like to reassure you that in case I need to relocate again, I will definitely contact you again or recommend you to…

    K. Krestev