GP Assistance (Primary care doctor)

GP Assistance (Primary care doctor)

Easy access to healthcare

Finding the right doctor isn’t easy—and it shouldn’t be. When you put your life in someone else’s hands, you need to feel confident that this is an individual with the qualifications and skills to give you the care you deserve.

It’s not so much a matter of labelling a doctor as “good” or “bad”. It’s about comfort level, whether a particular doctor is good for you. The patient-doctor relationship is one of the most important in your life.

A primary care doctor helps keep you healthy, provides a home base for all your medical needs, and is your go-to when you’re ill. A primary care doctor will direct you to the most appropriate specialist or sub-specialist should the need arise.

Our main goal is to help finding the right health care for you, and choosing the right doctor at the right hospital.

Matrix Relocations provides the information that enables you to make a informed decision about either a state or private hospital in the host country.

Hospital ranking

  • By specialty

  • Area

  • Best children’s hospitals

We narrow your primary doctors’ list to your criteria.

We assist  in choosing a GP, we make appointments and accompany you to the chosen hospitals.

We assist you  in filling the required documents (medical correspondence etc.)

What our Customers say:

I recently sold my house in Seattle, Washington and moved from the USA to Dubrovnik, Croatia. As I was already out of the country when the sale closed, my things had to be packed and moved without me physically present. I found the process confusing and overwhelming at first. I searched for a suitable moving company for a while, price and reliability were an issue for me, as was the personal feel of the service. I called a number of companies and felt uneasy that I was putting so much in the hands of strangers who sounded so automated on the phone. Then, I found Matrix Relocations, an international mover with an office in Croatia. After just a few words on the phone with Simona G, I knew that I had found the right match. Simona was personable from the first conversation, attentive, present and very knowledgeable about her business. It was clear she did her job with great care. She answered every phonecall and every question, changed the US packing service when we did not have a good feeling about them, and worked morning, noon or night as needed to get things orchestrated across time zones. Her ability to problemsolve and willingness to go the extra mile was always reassuring. My items arrived on time, well packed and organized, and Simona’s team was fast, professional and meticulous. Matrix Relocations worked with me when I encountered a glitch in transfering money and made the process as easy and fun as could be. I recommend Simona G and Matrix Relocations without hesitation and would use them again any time.

By Marija G of Dubrovnik, Croatia

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