Lease Negotiation

Lease Negotiation

Appreciate the full implications of the lease

Once the transferee and his/her family has decided on the property for their relocation, it is time to negotiate the lease negotiation contract/agreement with the landlord. Even though in some places a handshake is accepted as an agreement, it is best to have a legal written contract as well for your relocating.

The lease negotiation agreement clearly sets out the rules everyone has agreed on and reduces the chance of misunderstandings. Many realtors and/or booking agents or companies have a standard draft that they prefer to work with. Any additional items added to the lease must abide by the law.

The service is to ensure the clients’ interests are protected and there are no hidden and misunderstood clauses, so the relocating goest smoothly. The relocation specialist will walk the client through the final steps and what is expected from both sides. At every step, the specialist is there to ensure smooth communication and that all documents and information get to all the parties in good time.

What our Customers say:

Your guys were amazing, as always! It was very frustrating (for me and you and them) that the local council parking team would not guarantee suspension of the bays in front of my flat. They told me that they would not be able to do anything if people ignored the suspension and parked in the bays. They said that as the road is wide they advised the lorry to double park. In fact, this morning, there were cars without any permits, parked in all the bays and nobody did anything. I told your guys that they should double park because the car drivers are parked illegally. But actually the guys decided it was easier for them to park in the loading bay around the corner, leaving them with a 20-metre walk with all the boxes. They did the job brilliantly and did not complain. So friendly and hardworking. Now I have all my belongings and my next “new” stage of life is about to begin. I thank you for taking me to Lesvos two years ago and now for bringing me back. Your arrangements are always great and your guys are wonderful. I wish all the best for you and your family. I will be in touch next time I need to change my life.

By Katy E of Hastings, United Kingdom

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