tenancy management

Tenancy Management

On-going support during the entire assignment

Rules and regulations can change frequently. Landlords may be flexible and give you everything you ask for, costs could lower and properties available could be really attractive to you and your family. But there is always something that could cost you time and hassle. Before making a final decision, contact our property experts in Sofia, Athens, Belgrade, Pristina, Skopje or Zagreb and double-check the possibilities. Our professionals  will know the hidden costs and surprises that you could face. As part of our relocation services:

  • We provide full information on payment processes and due dates, assisting with the correspondence between you and the official providers, solving issues and problems. Arranging payments monthly on your behalf.
  • Full support in finding handyman and maintenance service providers.
  • Cleaning staff on an hourly basis in case you need only temporary help for your new home.

As many other relocation companies, we provide tenancy management, when you and your family relocate.

  • What Our Clients Say

    Herewith I would like to thank you for the good service. Your company Matrix Relocations was very responsive and customer friendly. Our communication was excellent and I would like to reassure you that in case I need to relocate again, I will definitely contact you again or recommend you to…

    K. Krestev