Unaccompanied Home Search

Unaccompanied Home Search

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If you prefer to look at your new accommodation unaccompanied and at your own convenience, we at Matrix Relocations provide the service – and at a reduced fee.

This service is suited to the client who feels confident and is aware of the market trends fore their relocation. We will assist the assignee with the completion of the needs assessment form and will thoroughly search the market based on the brief. In addition, we will arrange appointments and prepare an itinerary for the viewing day.

As an additional service and fee we can also offer to negotiate the lease and favorable lease terms for your relocating. We monitor the lease signing process and check that the agreement is compliant with the current legislation. Making your relocation as smooth as possible. Within our relocation services…

We will deliver to you:

  • An initial call to the expatriate and family to understand their needs.

  • A search of the market based on set criteria

  • Arranging appointments and the provision of an itinerary

What our Customers say:

The crew were very precise and hard working, at the same time always with good, positive humor, which made the packing and moving a very good experience. I recommend Matrix Relo and their crew members and I hope they will pack my house in Sicily when I will move back to Denmark.

By Lasse B of Sicily

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