Career Support Introduction

Career Support Introduction

High-quality information, advice and guidance – crucial to success

Relocating to a new country could be a stressful and sometimes a frightening experience for your spouse and family accompanying you. The ability to adapt to a new environment, to a new community, house, school and in this case another new job is critical for your successful relocation.

This service is designed to assist and support your spouse through a career-related move to your new location.  This program is very challenging since it can help your spouse and the members of your family to adjust quickly to their new environment.

The program is designed to shorten the job-seeking process by providing you with individualized coaching as your spouse moves through specific stages – from assessing his/her individual career goals and job search parameters to negotiating offers and navigation through the first period in their new position.

We will assist you with:

Ongoing support through the whole period of assignment, helping the career growth of your spouse – and thus helping your family members to stay positive, confident and realistic.

Carefully identifying the needs and career paths of interest of the spouse or family member upfront

Relevant research and information provided to your family in good time – helping them with the adjustment process and ensuring that they feel settled and excited about their new relocation.

Matrix Relocations is a relocation and moving company, which provides career support introduction, when you and spouse take the last steps of the relocation. 

What our Customers say:

After being promoted from my company and had to relocate to Bulgaria to manage our office in Sofia I was excited and stressed at the same time. I didn’t know much about Bulgaria but my biggest concern was my dog. The immigration paperwork was also a challenge, you made it so easy for us! I found Matrix Relocations in Sofia and booked a relocation & immigration package for Rosemary, myself and our dog. Even that the time was short they reacted very quickly and professionally. All the properties I saw was selected according to my needs and now I live in an amazing house, just under the mountain with my dog and we are enjoying our new life.

By Jeremy & Rosemary L. of Basel, Switzerland

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