Language lessons for children

Language lessons for children

The incredible benefits of learning another language

Our service helps parents find the best language school for their children, thus immersing them in the new environment as easily as possible. Every child has its own needs, requirements and character. Especially when relocated in a new environment.  Finding the best language school/course is the fastest way to integrate kids.

You can choose from a broad range of language training schools or language courses for children.

A wide variety of training options for children:

    • Individual lessons – The child gets the exclusive attention of the teacher.

    • Group lessons – Children have fun learning a second language while playing games, singing songs, and doing age-appropriate, language-focused activities.

    • Customized group lessons for kids – designed programs to meet your needs.  It can be a once a week after-school program, an at-home language playgroup or a more intensive program of several times a week.

    • Native speaking teachers

    • Programs relevant to the age of the children, well structured to accommodate a young child’s attention span.

    • Easy to follow along programs for the parents

What our Customers say:

Relocating to a completely strange country with 3 small children was scary for us and we didn't know what will happen. Our corporation is using Matrix Relocations for relocation services in few locations around Eastern Europe. It was a real pleasure going through all these properties we saw, meeting teachers and looking for the proper kindergarten for our youngest son. After being 8 months in Bulgaria we still call our relocation consultant for advises and information. Great job!

By Kumar and Teargina F of New Delhi, India

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