Language Lessons

Language Lessons

Have some fun while learning a new language

A basic knowledge of the official language in your future host country can give you a real advantage, soften your way and make things a lot easier for you.

Neglecting the language barriers and the culture shock will cost you misunderstandings in the society you are about to enter. Statistics show that acceptance of  a new environment, when relocation takes place, depends in part on how much that person understands about the culture and traditions in the new country as relocating. If you  know the basics of the language, you will understand a lot about the culture, and local people will be surprisingly polite and helpful.

Our team of relocation experts in Sofia, Athens, Belgrade, Pristina, Skopje and Zagreb will advise and assist you depending on your requirements and time available. We can offer you language lessons, local traditional dance classes, basic cuisine experiences and a lot more for your relocation.

Matrix Relocations’ welcome packages include lots of information – and the first and most important words and sentences you must know in the place that you’ll be living. We will suggest language courses, in a group or as an individual, depending on your time available and the level that you want to reach. Most people think that the culture and languages in South Eastern Europe are quite similar and easy, but you will be surprised how different they are and that the only similarities are in some letters.

What our Customers say:

When the time came and I had to relocate to Croatia I was just about to panic. Thanks to your great team I'm now settled in my great apartment, having all the documents in hand and enjoying my new country. I can't imagine going through the whole process without you. Thank you very much!

By B. Eagle of San Francisco, US

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