Your comfort is what matters most

Finding the right solutions for your and your family is our main goal.

When relocating to a new country, no matter the purpose, your partner or spouse might need some guidelines or just an idea about the social life, job opportunities and clubs of interest. Our team of professional advisers in Sofia, Athens, Belgrade, Pristina, Skopje and Zagreb will lead you step-by-step through all the requirements and documentation when looking for a new job or simply joining a social club. Part of our relocation services we:

  • Providing legal advice on the situation of your spouse/partner and possibilities for personal growth in your future home.

  • A introduction to local clubs and organizations most suitable for her/him.

  • An introduction to the possibilities for your spouse of starting a new career in your host country.

At Matrix Relocations as a relocation company, we provide spouse assistance, when you and your family relocate.