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Family Relocation Services: Pre-relocation Planning

Planning is crucial for a successful relocation. If you relocate your family, the right time for planning is today.

As a relocation company we advise you to start as early as possible, which can only give you advantages and avoid difficulties and problems, when it comes to your family relocation.

  1. The longest and most complicated processes are obtaining your visa and work permit. This may take lots of time and it is better to start researching as earlier as possible. Visit our Immigration Section for more details.
  2. Make sure your passports are valid and won’t expire while you are in a process of obtaining your new documents in the intended country.
  3. Depending on the country you are about to relocate, there might be medical examinations requirements, pets and motor vehicles restrictions. Contact us for assistance or just an advice.
  4. Start budgeting your family relocation. Cost of living and expenses that you do not expect may complicate the process for you and your family.
  5. Having basic knowledge of the language they speak in your future country may soften your relocation a lot. It might be fun taking some lessons.
  6. A pre move visit to your future country will give you a clear idea about the culture life, locations, neighborhoods and will make your choice for future home easier. Take some days exploring the new city.
  7. Knowing the traffic and distances in your new city will help you choose your future home, the school for your children and the medical facilities for your convenience.
  8. Having a tour in the new city you can always ask your family relocation specialist to arrange viewing of 3-4 properties for rent. That will give you knowledge of the market and what you can expect from an apartment or a house. Also you will know what you need to bring with you from home and what will remain there. For example some electrical appliances might not work at all in your future home.
  9. Arrange a pre move survey visit at your property once you are back home. That will be the best way to estimate the whole house hold to be transported to your new destination. You will also get an idea on transit times and transport methods and will be able to decide what will be in first need once you arrive.
  10. Contact us with your most desired locations in the future country and get all the properties within your budget and criteria listed for you with photos and description. You will be able to choose the properties you wish to visit and the time that it will take.
  11. Call us / Skype us / E-mail us for more information. Our relocation experts are here for you and happy to assist you when a new beginning is moving you to a new country.

Matrix Relocations as a relocation company provides pre-relocation planning, when you and your family relocate somewhere in Bulgaria, Greece, Croatia, Serbia or Macedonia.

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