Housekeeping Assistance

Housekeeping Assistance

Help around the home

Matrix Relocations as a relocation company offers housekeeping assistance as part of our settling in service, when relocating in Sofia, Athens, Belgrade, Pristina, Skopje or Zagreb.

Good help is always a challenge, from finding someone trustworthy to making sure the cleaning person does a good job. While anyone can clean house, not all contractors are dedicated to quality work.  Having a housekeeper minimizes your time-related stress, allows you the comfort of having a beautifully clean home, more quality time doing what you love with the people you love, may facilitate your independent living, and may even save you money.  In sum, hiring a housekeeper gives you peace of mind. Matrix’s assistants make sure the best service provider is found for the specific requirements of each of our clients. As part of our relocation services..

We provide:

  • Assistance in finding the “best choice” housekeeping help by selecting the most suitable service providers (best in town)

  • A custom-made service program to your specific requirements

  • Private cleaning assistance or company cleaning assistance

What our Customers say:

Relocating to a completely strange country with 3 small children was scary for us and we didn't know what will happen. Our corporation is using Matrix Relocations for relocation services in few locations around Eastern Europe. It was a real pleasure going through all these properties we saw, meeting teachers and looking for the proper kindergarten for our youngest son. After being 8 months in Bulgaria we still call our relocation consultant for advises and information. Great job!

By Kumar and Teargina F of New Delhi, India

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