My household effects came through in excellent shape. Everything was there, everything was in perfect condition with the single small exception of a small table photo whose glass had been cracked. I call that a 99.99% success rate! Your company’s reputation for superior work is well deserved. Your crew did an excellent job with the packing and the long transit time was beyond anyone’s control given the cargo landing problems in the US. The delivery team from Houston was very professional and unpacked everything. Thanks for getting my beloved belongings to me in Texas so safely and in such perfect shape.

Steve B.

The best! Always opposite, always accurate!

Atanas Katsarov

Extremely professional company, we have been using the services for twenty years.

Mario Todorov

A trusted professional agent in Sofia. Highly recommended.

Beatriz Belinchon Diaz

Best relocation service possible. It didn't matter if you were moving to a neighboring neighborhood or another country, these are the people who can do it so you don't even know when and how it happened. From packing, to moving, to unpacking your personal effects, furniture, paintings and everything. I strongly recommend them.

Georgi Dimitrov